Massage Therapy

The style of massage I offer is a fusion of Japanese Shiatsu mixed with Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Triggerpoint Therapy. The aim of these bodywork sessions are to find and release tension in the body by finding specific points that need to be released. I stay where I need to stay so that your body receives a signal that it’s okay to let go. Each session is customized to you. I work with you to understand exactly what your body needs so that you can leave feeling relieved and hopeful that your body is able to heal! Some clients need more than one session based on their condition, however, all feel amazing after just one.

Each session includes these extras at no extra charge, customized to what you need on any given day:

  • hot towels
  • aromatherapy
  • cupping
  • sound healing
  • reflexology

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I offer discounts to students, military, and low income households. Please do not be afraid to reach out if you need help. My goal is to help everyone. My prices reflect the energy and precision that I dedicate to each massage.