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BodyMind Coaching

BodyMind Coaching is a form of life coaching where I support you in whatever it is you most need right now. It is the only form of life coaching of its kind, where we give your mind a break by dropping down into your body. We put the mind on pause! How good would that feel?!

We are a culture that loves to use our logic to make decisions and solve all of our problems. Many of us grew up in households where feelings were not always understood or welcome. We learned to stifle our feelings and push them away. Fast forward to today, we are anxious, depressed, and sick, and we don’t even know why. 

Over the years, I have learned that our physical ailments all have emotional roots. Without addressing these emotional roots, we stay stuck in the ways we operate, and we stay stuck in pain, anxiety, depression, etc.

Tapping into our feelings can help us make decisions that are more grounded and clear.  Sometimes it means taking time to feel the things we have been ignoring for a long time, and once we feel more clear, we can make better decisions for ourselves, for our families, in our careers, etc.

Your subconscious mind, your higher self, your inner wisdom, your speaks to you through your body.  When you listen and honor the unique language of your body, you are able to live life in a very authentic way, because you’re listening to this special voice that knows exactly what you need and how to steer you in the right direction.

Bodymind coaching helps you:

-Reestablish a healthy relationship with your body, mind and feelings.

-Distinguish your intuition from your logical mind.

-Tap into your physical discomfort (pain, anxiety, mystery illness, etc) to understand why it is there and what you can do to alleviate it.

-Develop a deeper connection to your body, your mind, the earth, and your surroundings.

-Recognize the patterns that are holding you back and rewire your thinking.

-Receive guidance and support through any situation, no matter how big or small.

-Achieve your wildest dreams!

As with meditation, this is a practice that builds on itself and works best when you are supported in a 3 month container or longer.  The length of your program will depend on your needs. I offer customized coaching support the entire time you work with me!

If you are ready to make massive shifts in your life, to feel more in control of your health, to understand what your illness or body is trying to tell you, and to feel a more permanent sense of relaxation and bliss, BodyMind Coaching is for you!  Sessions are virtual and customized to support you.

Sylvia is both bright and intuitive and always had positive suggestions to move forward. She helped me learn that in every situation, you can always find something positive to take from it, even if at first the situation doesn’t seem at all positive. She continues to be a bright light in my life as I use the tools she helped me learn.