Aboutsylvia dzwonkowski

HelioSelf was founded with the desire to hold a safe space for all who are on a healing journey. I know how helpless you may feel if you have a chronic condition, illness, or just feel downright low.

My goal is to help you realize that there is a possibility for you to feel better and heal. Sometimes it just takes time and meeting the people that can help you get there. If you are reading this today, take this as your sign of hope!

My name is Sylvia.

I am a licensed massage therapist and BodyMind coach. I help people from all walks of life understand what it means to live “in their body”. Over time, we lose connection to ourselves and live only in our minds. We try to figure out life by thinking everything through. We try to hide from our feelings and conform to what others think is best for us. Over time, we lose ourselves, feel depressed, uninspired, and completely lost.

I am here to help you find your way back to yourself, to forge that connection with your body again, and to help you live your best life from here on out.

Are you ready to make changes and start feeling better? If you have nothing left to lose, let’s chat.

Email me at sylvia@helioself.com or call/text 920-246-8896 to learn more or schedule a discovery call.

If you’d like to book a massage, schedule over at Ashiworks.com

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey!